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Kalli Matthies - Kallidoscope Photography

Ever since I can remember, I have believed that my purpose on this earth was to help people. I believed that I would spend my days working as a nurse, pouring my heart and soul in to my patients and making them feel like they had a true friend no matter what their story was.

When I finally headed off to pursue my dreams & receive a formal education in nursing, I soon found out that I would be spending countless months in the hospital. Oddly enough, I wasn’t there for my education. Rather, my days were spent watching my beloved father bravely battle cancer. I was 19 when he lost his battle with cancer and gained his wings.

It was during that summer that I realized God had always given me the passion to genuinely care about people and their stories, but not the heart to lose them. I was stuck in a world of confusing times and photography called my name. Now that we’ve been introduced, I will never say goodbye to this beautiful passion of mine.

I will always treasure the memories I have of my childhood, the loving embrace from my father, and every framed photograph that serves as a constant reminder of what true love looks like. It is those invaluable memories that inspire me to capture the unspoken moments that make this life so precious.

I believe that it is my calling to tell your story… It is my calling to freeze special moments in time through photographs that make you feel every range of emotion, see the beauty in every day, and notice the little details of life.