Ben & Johnna | A Raddison Paper Valley Hotel Wedding

They say that you can tell a lot about a person based on their friends and who they’re surrounded by. If that’s true, then Ben & Johnna are quite possibly the best people on this earth.  And heck, I might be a little biased but I can’t think of enough positive things to say about these two kind souls.

As I rang the doorbell to meet Johnna the morning of her wedding, I was greeted with the biggest smile and an even bigger embrace. For those of you who know me personally, y’all know I’m a hugger – there isn’t a stranger I wouldn’t embrace with a big bear hug. Well when Johnna swung open the door, she wrapped me up in a huge hug and treated me like the long lost friend she’d been waiting to see. This girl — her heart is huge.

I started off this post by talking about the people we surround ourselves with, and for good reason. Johnna’s bridesmaids are as good as it gets – sweet as pie and enough glam & good looks to spread around. These girls bring out the very best in Johnna, exuding joy and happiness while they giggled around the house all morning. I have a pretty incredible group of girlfriends back home but dang, did I want to photoshop myself into this squad & call myself an honorary bridesmaid!!!

Ben & Johnna exchanged wedding vows at the stunning St John Nepomucenes Church in Little Chute, the very church Ben grew up attending on Sundays and went to school. During the service, we heard their Pastor talk about the character of both Johnna and Ben and the things that untie them in love. Ben is a bit on the quieter side, methodically thinking before he speaks the words on his mind but what I LOVED hearing at their wedding was what he told their pastor – “You know, I’m not very good at expressing things out loud but I can tell you this… I love absolutely everything about Johnna.” Ben loves Johnna for exactly who she is — someone who is a bit opposite of him and yet she is his perfect match.

Ben & Johnna, you are incredibly blessed to have found a partner in life who not only accepts you but also adores you for exactly who you are. The love I was privileged enough to witness is the type love stories are written about – that once in a lifetime, weak in the knees, perfectly matched & never to be duplicated love. Oh, how I adore you both <3


I love this set – so timeless!!!


That JUST MARRIED first kiss!!! <3


The BEST group of people to have by your side all day!


You ladies are all STUNNING!!!!


A favorite!!! Johnna, you are beautiful!!!


Another favorite for sure!!!


Ahhhh, marriage looks SO good on you two!!!


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