Ben & Kayla | A Milwaukee Engagement Session

Kicking off wedding season with Ben & Kayla’s engagement session was the perfect way to start this year! This Pere Marquette Park & North Point Lighthouse engagement session in Milwaukee was packed full of so many giggles and laughs, it just shines through in all of the photos!

Meet Ben & Kayla, a total power couple. These two started dating close to three years ago and the connection was instant. Kayla had recently moved from Minnesota to Wisconsin to start her veterinary residency and after deciding Ben was the one, she made the move a bit more permanent and accepted a position with her practice in Milwaukee.

Kayla works as an ER vet (I’m telling you, this girl is a superwoman!), which means that she’s used to trusting her gut and making quick decisions. Ben is the perfect balance in Kayla’s fast-paced world — working as an engineer, Ben knows the importance of methodical planning. You might be thinking, “What does this have to do with their engagement session?” but I seriously could not get over how their occupations truly translate in to their wedding plans! After three years of dating, Ben & Kayla decided that they wanted a short engagement so they’ve managed to put together an entire wedding in just three months! Kayla has trusted her gut every step of the way and quickly put the plans in to motion and Ben has slowly thought out the details that were important to him. I just LOVE how these two compliment each other so well!!!

When they’re not insanely busy working as a doctor & engineer, planning a wedding, taking care of their 4 animals, or fixing up their home (apparently there is cat wallpaper in their house?! I’m going to need a picture of this haha), Ben & Kayla are also avid runners! With their wedding only a few weeks away, these two are training for their first marathon together — did I not tell you?! Power couple.

What I love most about Ben & Kayla — and it’s so hard to choose — is their love of family & friends. When Kayla first emailed me about their wedding plans, I could tell that THIS one detail was more important to them than any of the flowers or dresses that come along with a wedding. Having an intimate gathering where they can celebrate with the people who shaped their lives, that has always been the goal. In fact, one of the main reasons they chose me as their wedding photographer was because of a personal connection I have to Ben and his family. Out of the hundreds of photographers they could have picked, they asked me to be part of their day and I am so incredibly honored to have that privilege.

Ben & Kayla, you two are an absolute joy to be around and I can’t wait to see you again in a few short weeks! xo

You guys, these laughs!!! <3

A gust of wind came along & I just love what it did to this photo!

So so beautiful, Kayla!!!

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