Best of 2017 | Weddings

WOW. Where do I even begin?! It’s safe to say that 2017 has been filled with SO much love, beauty, and joy — I had the hardest time even narrowing this blog post down to the 200+ images that grace this page.

As I mentioned in a post last week (which featured all of my 2017 favorites from couples sessions), this is the first time I’ve compiled photos from the calendar year into one single blog post. Originally, I decided to do this because I thought it would be a fun topic for the blog but in a short amount of time, it turned into so much more. Reviewing every single image from the year has completely influenced my goals for 2018 by making me think about how intentional I’m being with my work — Which images was I drawn to? Why was I drawn to them? How did they make me feel?

These tiny questions add up to so much more & are completely reshaping the way I want to run my business. To be honest, anyone can learn how to take a pretty photo but I want your photos to run SO much deeper than just “a pretty picture”. I want you to look back at your photos – a day, a month, or decades down the road – and remember exactly how you were feeling in that moment… I want to capture Dad’s tears as he gives his daughter away, Grandma’s hand-squeeze because she’s so proud, and those stolen glances from your new spouse on your wedding day. For me, it’s not about capturing the perfect picture.. it’s about capturing the perfect moment.

To all of my 2017 couples, I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and your love. I pray these images will serve as a constant reminder to future generations of what true love looks like and the happiness shared on your wedding day! Xo