For Brides | Part Two: My Best Advice for the Wedding Day

If you’re planning your wedding,  you’ve probably heard it a hundred times by now. “The day goes by so fast!”, which couldn’t be more true! Last week, I talked about the advice I always give my couples when they ask me for wedding day tips (if you missed Part One, check it out here!). Today I’m tackling Part Two — which is my favorite & hopefully most impactful advice!

– Take 5 minutes to intentionally be alone together during –

There are so many great reasons to do this but let me give you just a few:

Your new spouse is your best friend and as your best friend, you’re probably used to talking a lot & sharing almost all of your thoughts (I literally text my husband Ben all day long). Well, your wedding day is SO busy — get ready separately all morning, hide out before the ceremony so you don’t see each other, stand across from each other during the ceremony but you still don’t get to talk, organize those family photos immediately afterward followed by wedding party portraits. Shoot, now it’s time for the Grand March… okay now you’re seated for the toasts but QUICK, the sun is setting and we really want sunset portraits — by now it’s probably close to 7pm and you STILL haven’t had time to really talk to each other!!!

Your wedding day is truly the best day of your lives together and don’t you want to relish every moment with your best friend?

“Wasn’t our ceremony so beautiful?” – “That dress fits you so perfectly, I can’t believe how lucky I am.” – “Can you believe how many people are here to celebrate with us?” – “Did you ever imagine we would go from two kids dating in high school to standing here on our wedding day?”

At both our wedding and at weddings I’ve photographed, I’ve noticed that taking a moment away together is the best way to “slow down the day” and really enjoy every moment at the reception.

There is something so magical about taking a moment to walk away, reflect on the day so far and then re-enter the room as husband & wife (just in time to break it down on the dance floor!). So soak it all in….. every single amazingly wonderful second of it. I promise, your guests will never notice you disappeared for a few minutes. Xo