Calvin & Lacey | Delafield | A Lapham Peak Park Engagement Session

Today on the blog I’m sharing my first engagement session 0f 2017 and holy smokes, is it a good one!!! A few years ago, I used to shudder at the thought of winter engagement sessions —  the sky is usually gray, the earth has turned into a muddy brown color, and the weather can make you chilled to the bone! Only recently have I fallen IN LOVE with winter sessions and I honestly wish more couples would opt for them. There is something SO romantic about a fresh snow fall & cuddling up with your fiancé for a little extra body heat! ;)  Seriously, I could photograph winter sessions year round.

Lacey & Calvin were the PERFECT way to kick off 2017. Not only do these two have impeccable style (this gal wore heals & a dress in the snow and totally embraced the cold!) but they are also the sweetest and most down to earth couple you will ever meet. One thing that I immediately noticed about this couple is the way that they look at each other. The way these two exchange glances, you’d think they’re in the honeymoon stages of their relationship, maybe dating for 2 years? Well you would be mistaken because this couple has been together since the 7th grade!!!! That’s right… Lacey & Calvin have been together for over half of their lives & are still just as in love today as when they first connected.

Calvin absolutely ADORES Lacey – you can tell through every look and every touch. I’m not kidding you, every girl deserves to be looked at the way that Calvin looks at Lacey, it melts my heart to think about it. During our time together, Lacey reiterated how unique their relationship is because they are somewhat of opposites in terms of personality.  Lacey embraces the adventure in every situation and the more logical/grounded side of Calvin still encourages her to “feel her feelings” which I think is so special – to have a partner that loves you for every single personality trait that you bring to the relationship.

Calvin & Lacey, I am SO stinking excited for your wedding this fall! Thank you for sharing so much of your lives with me & being the kind wonderful people that you are. I can’t wait to see you both again!!! <3


I love everything about this photo – the setting, the outfits, the “almost” kiss! <3


Definitely a favorite <3


Ohhh, this photo just oozes romance!!!


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