Eric & Caity | A UW-Arboretum Engagement Session

This particular engagement session is more dear to my heart than I could ever express – but I’m certainly going to give it a try (read: Warning, long blog post). Meet Caity & Eric, two of the kindest souls that walk this earth.

Caity was a stranger turned friend – turned best friend – turned sister. The story of how we met is one that we’ve told a hundred times… the gist of the story is that Caity saw a very pale, awkward looking girl standing by herself (hi, that’s me.) at basketball camp and decided that we should be partners for the week since I looked lonely. After a few minutes of talking, we discovered that we only lived a few minutes apart and would both be attending the same school in the fall. Since that day, we’ve been through more together in our 14 years of friendship than most people experience in a lifetime. Caity’s family has become my family and my family is Caity’s, which has truly been one of the greatest blessings in this life.

Over the past decade, I’ve seen Caity evolve from an already wonderful person into a selfless and dedicated woman. Her heart holds nothing but kindness and it overflows with love for others – the type of love that she can’t help but spread because she see’s that the world truly needs it. She’s the first to react when she sees injustice, the first to offer a helping hand, and the first to make every person feel like they are the center of her universe. I can’t say enough about the incredible woman that Caity has become but more than anything, I am thankful for her presence in my life.

When Caity told me that she had met someone, I was a bit cautious because frankly I didn’t think anyone could be good enough for my Caits but here is where the story gets good. Eric wasn’t just anyone. Eric was THE one — the one who saw Caity’s heart, the one who put her thoughts and desires before his own, the one who fit into Caity’s family like he was born to be there. If I could have handcrafted the type of person that I envisioned Caity marrying, I would have fallen sorely short because Eric exceeds every expectation with flying colors.

After 14 years of friendship, there are no adequate words to explain how honored I was to capture these engagement photos and how special the entire day was. Caity, thank you for choosing to be friends with this awkward homeschool girl over 14 years ago. Eric, you were designed to be with Caity and I couldn’t imagine seeing her happier than she is with you. Cheers to you both and the beautiful life you are building together <3 I can’t wait to celebrate with you in March and continue this celebration of friendship for the rest of our lives.


One of my favorites from the session!!! So dreamy.


So much joy in this photo!!!


Caity, you are so beautiful!!!


We ended our session at Villas Park to catch the sunset!


Don’t be surprised if you see this one hanging on my fridge hehe


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