For Brides | 10 Detail Items to Bring to the Bridal Suite

Today is all about bridal details! As brides, we spend so much time planning every tiny-little detail about the wedding day — from the color of our nail polish to the extra pair of shoes we packed for the dance floor. Every single one of those carefully thought out details is what makes your wedding day, your wedding day! One of the most meaningful details on our wedding day was the blue fabric-heart made from my Dad’s favorite shirt that my mom stitched into my dress. Or the picture of him tucked in my bouquet so that I could feel his presence walking me down the aisle. THOSE details are the ones that added up and made our wedding feel like ours. The tiny bridal details (that add up to SO much more) are amongst my favorite things to photograph because they help tell your story — a story you’ve invested countless hours in and want to relive every time you look at your photographs.



1. A Good Hanger

You’ve found the perfect dress. It made you feel flawless the second you slipped it on & you knew it was meant for you. It’s my goal to capture your dress in ALL of it’s beauty and that you remember exactly how amazing it felt to wear it!!! Unfortunately, nothing detracts more attention from the dress than a thick plastic hanger. Your hanger doesn’t need to be customized but investing in a sturdy wooden hanger makes all the difference and you’ll be so glad you did!


2. Wedding Shoes

We’ve all been there — stopped in our tracks by a gorgeous pair of pumps that made our heart flutter. Maybe you even splurged on your wedding shoes because they were just so dreamy and matched perfectly. My Grandpa always told me that a good pair of shoes MAKE an outfit and I couldn’t agree more, especially on your wedding day.


3. A Fresh New Scent

This tiny detail often gets overlooked! Think about how many times you’ll be snuggling up with your hunnie for portraits, or how many times you’ll be embracing your friends & family, or how you’ll be throwing your hands in the air as you break it down on the dance floor! Our sense of smell can trigger strong memories so why not invest in a fresh new scent that will forever remind you of your wedding day?


4. Jewelry + Wedding Rings

Give me all of the jewels. But really! You probably searched high & low for the perfect pair of earrings that match your engagement ring or maybe a necklace that shines the way you dress does. I want to photograph all of the bling and this includes your wedding rings! Having all of your wedding rings (+ the grooms) in the bridal suite means that you’ll be getting some gorgeous shots of all that sparkle.


6. Stationary Suite

Another detail that is often overlooked is the stationary suite. Believe me, I know how expensive those tiny pieces of paper can be, which is why they deserve to be documented. Your wedding invitation is a HUGE piece of your wedding day — it was the announcement to everyone you love and the formal request for them to all gather in one room to share in your celebration.


7. Vows or Personal Letters

You’ve likely spent a great amount of time crafting your vows and carefully writing down your promises. Perhaps you’re more private and decided to deliver a personal love letter instead — these sweet words are easy to forget but deserve more than anything to be documented and saved forever.


8. Family Heirlooms

Maybe it’s your great-grandmothers handkerchief that has been used in every family wedding or your mother-in-law’s pristine clutch that held her wedding vows. Maybe it’s your something borrowed or something blue. Perhaps the picture of a loved one who couldn’t be there. These details are 100% truly & uniquely you and will tell your story for years to come.


9. Special Gifts

Did you receive the most thoughtful gift from your best friend when you woke up on the morning of your wedding? Are you exchanging a meaningful present in private with your soon-t0-be husband? Capturing the smallest gesture of kindness through photographs will show how your day unfolded and remind you of the people that surrounded you.


10. Flowers

This seems like a no-brainer but often times flowers are delivered straight to the church! If possible, having the flowers in the bridal suite means we can incorporate the delicate bouquets & boutonnieres in to other detail shots… and who wouldn’t want to look at those gorgeous works of art for as long as possible?!


This list is by no means compressive but I hope it helps you get started when planning what items to have in the bridal suite! When we discuss your timeline, I try to budget at least 45 minutes to photograph all of your details but gathering all of the details in advance helps speed up the process and makes our time together as efficient as possible.

Cheers to planning your wedding together!!! xo