Jack & Alyssa – Madison Engagement

Flashback to 2008: Freshman Orientation at Carroll University. My family and I sat at a small table near the front discussing how I would soon be moving into the dorms. As the room began to fill, we scooted our chairs closer together to create open seats for the remaining students. As luck would have it, a bubbly girl and her sweet family would fill those seats but little did I know that this woman would also fill my life with a deep friendship and unimaginable kindness. Alyssa and I became fast friends over our mutual love for family, friendship, and Culvers concrete mixers (everyone has their addictions, right?). Over the next four years at school, Alyssa would prove to be the best friend that a girl could ask for – sharing everything from clothing and make-up to laughter and tears. We have shared some of the best memories (from margarita nights to countless inside jokes) and also some of the toughest moments (from break-ups to the loss of loved ones) but we’ve done it ALL together. Our friendship has proved the test of time and distance after college graduation but I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Take Alyssa’s heart of gold and couple it with Jack’s easy-going spirit and you have a match made in heaven. Both Jack and Alyssa have the biggest hearts and you can tell how much the genuinely adore each other. I’ve never met a couple that is so easy to be around while simultaneously bringing joy to everyone they are with. It has been such a privilege to watch them grow in their love and I am blessed to call these two my friends. Almost 2 years after Alyssa stood up in our wedding, I am thrilled to say that I can return the favor & have the honor of standing by her side on their big day – I seriously cannot wait!