Jon & Kayla | A Green Bay Wedding

Wisconsin is unpredictable. When it’s the middle of May and you think summer has arrived, that’s exactly when Wisconsin decides to throw in a surprise 30-ish degree day with crazy wind gusts and snowflakes falling from the sky. Well I’m here to tell you that it didn’t matter – nothing, not even snow in the middle of May, was going to get in the way of Jon & Kayla’s wedding day. Because at the center of it all were two people who were committing their lives to each other and nothing else mattered more.

I feel like I had been waiting forever for their wedding day to arrive so I could finally see Jon, Kayla, and their sweet baby girl Kennady again (you may remember this couple from their engagement session, which you can see here)! Jon & Kayla’s entire wedding day was crafted around the relationships and people that forged them in to the couple they are today. As I scanned the room, there was nothing but pure joy, happiness, and laughter from the guests who were there to witness the promise these two would make to each other.  This little family is so blessed to be surrounded by two of the most kind and loving families I’ve ever met and an incredible support system of amazing friends. Cheers to you Jon & Kayla, marriage looks so good on you. <3