Jordan & Julia | A Madison State Capitol Anniversary Session

Romance on the steps of the State Capitol, snuggling at golden hour near the lake… what else could you ask for?!

It’s been one year since Jordan & Julia’s wedding and frankly, I think that’s just too dang long for them to not be in front of the camera. During their bride & groom portraits last year, a bystander leaned over and whispered to me “This couple is GORGEOUS, they must make your job so easy!”. Well that person was 100% correct and once again, Jordan & Julia have stolen my heart with these photos!

When Julia emailed and asked to schedule these photos in Madison, I was giddy with excitement and trust me — they don’t disappoint!!! After a beautiful first year of marriage, here’s what Jordan & Julia had to say about what life looks like for the two of them:

Q. How long have you been married? What’s been one of your favorite memories together in that time?

Julia: One amazing year that flew by! I would say one of my favorite moments was when we were in Ireland.  We were with my sister and her husband to visit my little sister – such a fun family trip.  On our last night we decided to go out by ourselves.  It was so much fun exploring the streets, going to a quiet restaurant that was “off the beaten path”, and talking about our future.  The night was full of laughs, love and a few eye rolls (he was embarrassed by my selfie taking abilities). Being able to spend quality time with my husband is my favorite part of any memory.

Jordan: It’s difficult to say since we have had so many good times together. One thing I will never forget is the honeymoon. Julia planned a perfect vacation and it was a week I will remember for the rest of my life.

Q. What are some qualities you admire about Jordan?

Julia: His drive, compassion and the way he is able to make me laugh! Jordan has the biggest heart and wants the best for everyone around him. He is able to make me feel better no matter the situation, and within 5 minutes he’s able to make me laugh – even when I don’t want to.

Jordan: Julia is selfless and always seems to put others needs above her own (not always a good thing) but admirable :) She is funny, organized, caring, smart, and absolutely stunning. She’s also pretty weird and I love it.

Q. For someone planning a wedding, what’s one thing you’d tell them? What is the number one thing you remember about the day you got married?

Julia: Enjoy every second of this time, it flies by!!!  Know that everything will get done and don’t hesitate to ask your family and/or your maids for help.

The moment when the doors opened to the church – the first time I saw my soon to be husband that day – is what I will never forget.  Once I looked at him, so many emotions ran through me and I knew I was going to “ugly cry” and knew it would be bad, so I had to look away. After a few seconds I thought I had control of my emotions so I tried to look at him, and almost lost it again, but as soon as I grabbed Jordan’s arm I was calm and felt like it was just the two of us in the church.

Jordan:  I will always remember how beautiful she was walking down the aisle.  I just kept thinking “How am I so lucky?”

Q. What was the best piece of marriage advice that you ever received and/or what advice would you give to others?

Julia: It’s one that’s said all of the time – don’t go to bed angry (Jordan had the same answer!). Communication is key in every relationship, especially a marriage.  We also always make sure we don’t leave the house angry.  If we are in a hurry and can’t get into the nitty gritty of the conversation we still make sure to give each other a kiss goodbye and say “I love you”.

Q. Finally, what are a few specific things you’re looking forward to during your next 10+ years of marriage?

Julia: EVERYTHING!  There is so much we have to look forward to.  I’d say I am most excited to explore new places with him and once the travel bug is gone, I can’t wait to start a family. He is the most amazing man and I know he will be the best dad!

Jordan: Raising children. Then, obviously countless milestones go along with that. For now, we are just enjoying every day together.  We will likely have a couple more vacations in the next couple of years.


Eeeee, this set makes me so happy!!!


So much romance in this one! <3


THIS is an all time favorite – so much love & joy in this photo!!