Jordan & Julia – Downtown Delafield Engagement

One of the amazing things about my job is a photographer is that I get to experience how two separate people (who are already incredible individuals with an abundance of character on their own) can come together & better one another simply by being knowing each other. This leads me to my story of meeting both Jordan & Julia independently of each other – before they were even dating. It all began at Carroll University, a small private school sprouted in the middle of Waukesha, WI.

Jordan: After all these years, freshman year of college can be a blur for many people but I can honestly say that I have a few memories that stand out like it was just yesterday. One of those memories involves Jordan & my first interaction with him (I run the risk of sounding like a total creep since he probably doesn’t remember this!). It was in our college algebra class that Jordan made a lasting impression on me. Every day, students would file into the small room with little regard for the other people around them. I usually arrived to class early and left after everyone else to avoid the rush of other students, which meant I had a pretty fair amount of time to observe the happenings around me. There was one student in our class who used the assistance of a seeing-eye dog to navigate her way through campus & although she never asked for help getting around, you could tell that it was always appreciated when someone offered. Every single day, I remember seeing Jordan hold the door for her when she came in and open the door for her as she left. Although it was such a small act of kindness, no one else ever made the same effort & I think it is a true testament to the type of person Jordan is.

Julia: Although Julia and I never had a class together, I knew who she was because of our mutual friends (Julia played soccer for the woman’s team at Carroll & so did my roommate). Living in a house full of college girls, I think its fair to say that you hear a decent share of gossip & drama that goes around a small school (heck, we were teenage girls! That’s got to be normal, right?!). But that was never the case with Julia – never once did I hear a bad thing said about this girl. Compliments & kind words followed this girls name around like white on rice… and for good reason!!! Julia is one of the most down-to-earth & kindhearted individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. It’s so easy to see why Jordan fell in love with her & watching them interact during the engagement session warmed my heart.

Thank you for choosing me to photograph your wedding – you guys are an absolute treat to be around!!! xo

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