Jordan & Julia | The Legend at Bristlecone Wedding

They say a little rain on your wedding day is good luck. As I drove to Waukesha where the girls were starting to get ready, I found myself checking the weather forecast every 15 minutes praying that this day wouldn’t be the one day that the weathermen were actually right. Well, on the morning of Jordan & Julia’s wedding it rained and it rained hard. After their gorgeous ceremony, I peaked my head outside to see if we still needed umbrellas and as I opened the door sunshine came FLOODING inside of the church!!! I couldn’t believe how perfect the timing was for the sun to come out for our portraits.

Jordan & Julia’s blush and golden wedding was so incredibly breathtaking but what was even more incredible was story after story of how perfectly matched these two are. Every time I turned around, Jordan and Julia were together holding hands, whispering into each others ears, holding each other tight or simply soaking each other in. I’ve never seen so much love radiate from a couple and your happiness is completely contagious.

Some may say that you were lucky to get a little rain on your wedding day but I’ll be honest – as long as you guys continue to look at each other the same way you did on your wedding, you already have everything you could ever need. Thank you for welcoming me in on your wedding day and cheers to your beautiful live together! <3

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