Justin & Cynthia – A Delafield Engagement

Do you remember the first few months of your relationship? I’m talking about the early stages where you dote on each other – maybe the boyfriend brought over flowers for no reason at all or the girlfriend planned a special date for the heck of it. The sweet little butterflies you got in your stomach when you shared your first kiss with this incredible person? Or how about the way you both stared at each other simply because you couldn’t believe how lucky you both were. Ahhh, those first few months are always magical! For Justin & Cyndi, I don’t think they ever made it out of those first few months.

You see, when I first met Justin & Cyndi, I really thought they had only known each other a short period of time. The way that Justin looked at Cyndi made my heart melt because you could feel his love through that gaze. The way that Cyndi smiled at Justin made me feel as if I was intruding on a private moment between two love birds who hadn’t seen each other in the longest time. Surely a couple this in love & this adorable couldn’t be dating more than a few months? They had to be in those early stages of their relationship…

My jaw dropped when Cyndi told me that the two were actually high school sweethearts who had been together 8 years!!! After 8 years, these two are more madly in love than ever. If this is what love looks like after 8 years, I simply have to see where they are in another 8 years because chances are they will be more adorable than they are now (who knew that was even possible!).  Cyndi & Justin – thank you for sharing a slice of your love story with me!! I’m so honored to capture a love story 8 years in the making <3

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