Korey & Emily – Oconomowoc Engagement

Emily & Korey - Oconomowoc Engagment - Kallidoscope Photography


Emily & I met years ago when we both spent our summer days life-guarding at Oconomowoc City Beach (believe it or not, this pasty girl used to have a killer tan!). Every few days, our supervisor would send us to a much smaller beach for the day to lifeguard. Since it was such a tiny sandy area, we would sit next to each other during our shifts and talk about everything under the sun from the Twilight novels to who we were dating. Our conversations started to change though when Emily spilled all the details about a hunk named Korey who she had recently started dating. Emily & Korey’s love is something to be truly admired as the two have always supported each others dreams and ambitions. I was SO thrilled when Korey popped the questions and Emily asked me to take their engagement photos. You guys are awesome & Emily, you are going to make one stunning bride.