Luke & Macauly | A Delafield Rustic Manor Wedding

It’s hard to know where to begin because there are SO many things that I want to tell you about this day – like how I never wanted it to end, how the tears spilled from Macualy’s eyes as she read Luke’s letter before their first look, how laughter filled the room and followed the newlyweds wherever they went, how I caught Luke admiring his beautiful bride all night long, how their choreographed dance brought the room to it’s feet, or how amazing love & marriage looks on these two.

Luke & Macauly were wed on the perfect summer day at St. Joan of Arc in Nashotah and continued to dance the night away at Rustic Manor in Delafield. The morning of their wedding day, I asked both Macauly and Luke at separate times if they were nervous and without missing a beat, they had identical answers: “Not at all, I’m just so excited to see him/her.” This is a testament to the relationship that Luke & Macauly have – perfectly matched for one another and filled to the brim with a longing to be in the arms of their better half.  Throughout the day, this sentiment rang true and there wasn’t a moment in time where they weren’t by each others side… at cocktail hour, on the dance floor, always hand in hand.

For those of you who don’t know her, Macauly is the type of person you look at and wonder “How does she do it?!”. Creativity flows from her soul and it’s backed with an intelligence like you wouldn’t believe. She has the effortless ability to make a stranger feel so comfortable, accepted, and cared for within the first five seconds of the conversation, which isn’t always an easy task but she does it with warmth and grace. As a photographer, I LOVE speeches because I get to hear about who my couples were prior to meeting each other and also who they blossomed into after finding their counterpart. I learned that Macauly is an incredible athlete who played on all of the boys teams, which is where I had another “How does she do it?!” moment. This girl is covered from head to toe in a timeless sense of fashion & glamor and she fearlessly embraces her athletic & adventurous side, which I’m pretty sure gives her the ultimate #rockstar status.

So what type of person would a girl like Macauly marry? The best type. Luke adores this woman in every sense of the word. As I previously said, I love speeches and during a few of the toasts I heard about how hard-working, intelligent, selfless, and down right admirable Luke is. This man was in the thick of his time in medical school and he would drive through the middle of the night, rain or shine, to spend time with Macauly. That’s the kind of guy he is — thoughtful, considerate, and dedicated. In fact, it was during the morning when Macualy read Luke’s love-letter that she turned to me and with tears in her eyes she said, “He is just so thoughtful.” Being married to your best friend is amazing but it’s even sweeter when that person is intentional about expressing their love in meaningful ways.

Luke & Macauly, thank you for sharing with the world what it means to love with abandon. The future is awfully bright for you two and I can’t wait to see the places you’ll go, hand in hand.



An all-time favorite bridal portrait! Macauly, you are GORGEOUS girl!!!


Ugh, pulling at the heart strings with this letter from her soon-to-be hubby!


Luke secretly planned their honeymoon and surprised Macualy during their first look with SOCKS that said where they were headed – Punta Cana!!!


I ADORE the joy on your faces in this one!!


GAH, another fave!!!! So sweet, you two!


Macauly requested a group photo of all their wedding guests – I LOVE her Grandpa’s joy in this picture!


This is when Luke & Macauly broke into their choreographed first dance to “Love is an Open Door” – they KILLED it!!!


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