Mark & Hailey | Manitowoc Yacht Club Wedding

The morning of Mark & Hailey’s wedding, my phone buzzed with a “Severe Weather Alert” – a warning of 30mph winds, heavy downpours, and pea-sized hail. As I hopped in my car to start the day, the skies poured open and the rain flowed from the heavens for a few hours. Within moments of arriving at the church, the rain ceased and over the hilltops you could see blue skies – it didn’t rain again until I hopped back into my car at the end of the night. To say that the weather was an absolute miracle would be an understatement!

Kicking off this wedding season with Mark & Hailey’s wedding at the Manitowoc Yacht Club was an absolute treat! You might remember this duo from their summer elopement last year – well exactly one year later (to the day!) Mark & Hailey hosted a beautiful wedding in the same spot they vowed their lives to each other. I remember leaving their elopement feeling SO full of joy + happiness from a day that was truly focused on the meaning of marriage. One year later, I left with the same feeling but one that was deepened by the love I witnessed.

It was evident how much Mark and Hailey loved each other during their elopement – a contagious energy between the two of them that felt electric with every kiss. I walked into their wedding day this past weekend being so excited to feel that love again (and trust me, I did!) but when I saw Mark & Hailey interact with their baby girl Laine, I nearly lost it. This little girl is the apple of their eye, the center of their world & every other cliche phrase that you hear people say but tend to brush off as a common saying. Let me be the first to tell you, you cannot brush it off with these two. When Mark & Hailey brought Laine on to the dance floor for their first dance, love radiated off them and filled the entire room. Mark wrapped his arms around both his girls, held them tight, kissed their heads, and for a moment in time I lost myself in their embrace. You guys, these are the moments I LIVE for… real moments, real emotion, real raw unfiltered love.

I love to see how marriage changes people and once you bring a child into the world together, that relationship will change again. Mark & Hailey, two already incredible human beings, have morphed into the most incredible & adoring parents. This little family is surrounded by the best support system of friends & family, people who lift them up with love.

Mark & Hailey, thank you for welcoming me into your lives again and inviting me to witness one of the most beautiful days of your life. I can’t wait to watch your marriage and family continue tongrow! Xo

Hailey, you are positively gorgeous!!!

I LOVE first look moments like this!!!

A favorite from the day!!

Loved this sweet moment right before the ceremony when Hailey read a letter from Mark.

This was definitely a first for me – selfie with the pastor as husband and wife!

Another favorite from the day – so gorgeous ladies!!!

Ahhhh, the joy in this one!!! <3

As you can tell from the sky in these photos, a HUGE storm was about to roll in!

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