My Story

I’ve been blessed with a happiness and joy that grows deeper and fuller when I am able to serve others. It is a privilege that I will never take for granted, to be welcomed into a strangers life and told “We trust you to capture this moment”.

Most days you can find me cuddled up on the couch, wrapped in a big blanket and an even bigger glass of wine. When I’m not having a Netflix marathon with my (hunky) husband, I’m probably off exploring a new city or place, tasting the food and drinks that come along with it (can you tell my life revolves mostly around food?). We’re over-enthusiastic dog parents who might just whip out our phones to show you the latest picture of our fur baby.

If I can make just one person feel something with my photographs
– make one person see how special & beautiful they are in that moment –
I would define that as my vision of success.

Sunny days and warm nights are my jam – come chase the light with me. xo

Owner  &  Photographer  //  Dreamer & Do-er  //  Wine Connoisseur

i believe in beautiful weddings but even more i believe in the power of beautiful marriages.
Things I Love the color white
diy projects + shiplap
driving with no destination
sunshine & lake life

i prefer experiences over things,
and wine over everything.
| saved by the grace of Jesus |