Mike & Katie | A Seven Bridges Park Engagement Session in Milwaukee

Welcome to engagement session season! There is an incredibly sweet couple on the blog today — meet Mike & Katie, quite possibly the kindest people I’ve ever worked with.

Mike & Katie both worked for the same company but since it was such a large employer, their paths had never crossed. All of that changed a few years ago when they attended the same company training — Mike saw Katie and knew he HAD to talk to her so he quickly came up with a question to ask and waited patiently to address that question to Katie (how smooth!). From there, they quickly became friends and started talking more & more. After 3 years of dating, Mike decided it was time to plan the perfect proposal. Guys — when I say perfect, I mean it.

Mike meticulously planned his proposal by taking secret pictures. He would snap photos of Katie but when she had her back turned, Mike would place individual notecards spelling out “Will you marry me?” (all taken with Katie in the background!). Over the course of 5 months, Mike then pieced those pictures together in a book and popped the big question <3 Seriously, how many guys could keep a secret for that long?! Such a special & thoughtful proposal.

One of the things I love about Mike & Katie is you can tell they have a passion for life. The small everyday tasks in life instantly become fun simply because they’re together, enjoying every second of the ride. This zest for life is something I truly admire — you can’t help but soak up their positive energy! I kid you not, I left their session feeling so refreshed and texted my husband “I want to be best friends with them!” ; ) Really though, if they’re taking applications for new friends then I want to be first in line.

Mike & Katie, I’m inspired by your love for life, each other, traveling the world together, and the positivity you radiate. Enjoy your photos!!! Xo


I love this one — so sweet!!!


Oh my gosh, your laughter Katie!! <3


And this gorgeous couple in this gorgeous light?! Yes.


Katie, you are gorgeous!!!!


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