Nick & Celina | A Boerner Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

Full disclosure: there are actually MORE photos but I decided to split the family part of this session into another blog post! Basically, there was just too much hotness in this session for just one post hehe

Meet Nick & Celina, truly a match made in heaven. This duo met at Carroll University, which is how I know them both! The thing that strikes you when you first meet Celina is how outwardly beautiful she is — but what goes much farther and deeper than that is how sweet & kind she is. The second you start talking to Celina, you instantly feel connected to her and it’s so refreshing to be around someone who draws you in with such sincerity.

When it comes to love languages, I know that mine is physical touch & quality time. Thankfully, Ben recognizes that and is always up for a weekend of hand holding and snuggling up on the couch. There were two things that immediately stood out to me about Nick & Celina — one, these two can’t keep their hands off of each other, in the best way possible. Whether it was holding hands or stealing kisses, there wasn’t a moment in time where I had to prompt them to “pull closer”, it was just that natural. Two, this duo throws words of affirmation at each other like nobody’s business!!! Nick was constantly telling Celina how gorgeous she looked and bragging on his soon-to-be-wife.

Relationships aren’t always a walk in the park but understanding how to communicate your partners love language is so important! There could definitely be other love languages that Nick & Celina identify with but I just thought it was so evident that physical touch and words of affirmation are so prevalent in their relationship!

Nick & Celina, I hope that you will cherish these photos for a lifetime and that they will serve as a constant reminder of how your love has grown and strengthened over time.

To anyone else reading this post, you’ll definitely want to come back to see Nick & Celina’s family photos with their sweet baby girl, Everly! Believe it or not, she’s even cuter than her parents <3