A Look Inside Our Home | Living Room & Kitchen Updates

It’s been 4 full months since we moved in to our first home! Time has flown by but we’ve made so much progress, which I’m excited to finally share! This house was exactly what we were looking for in terms of structure, location, and the amazing back yard. The second we walked in I felt “home” and that is simply a feeling you can’t put in to words. Over the past few months, we’ve painted almost every wall and over half of the trim (in case you were wondering, the answer is yes… I’m crazy). I’m excited to share many more photos of the updates and progress we make but for now, check out the progress we’ve made in the living room and kitchen!

Living Room Before: There was nothing “wrong” with it but it just wasn’t our style.

Living Room After: We painted the walls a grey/beige color and the trim white. For those of you who know me, I HATE seeing unsightly cords hanging down from the walls (sorry Ben, it’s ingrained in me). To hide the cords from the TV mounted over the fireplace, we created “piping” by snaking the cords down between 2 pieces of wood and then slapped another piece of wood over the top to finish the channel. It turned out so nice!

You can see the “piping” for the cords that I was talking about here!

Fun fact: The camera pictured below was my dad’s old film camera <3 Love having little reminders of him scattered throughout the house.

This is our entrance hallway from the front door! Nothing fancy here but we painted and added a little bench to make the entrance way feel more inviting.

Now, here comes the good stuff! This is the kitchen before we moved in… yikes. It was very “warm” to say the least.

The after! Oh my goodness, I’m just so in love with how the cabinets turned out <3 This project is not for the faint-hearted… It took us roughly 45-50 hours over the course of 4 days to crank this out. We stripped the cabinets, primed & painted, and then installed new hardware. We also ripped a cabinet down next to the window to open up the space (which has now been re-purposed in our laundry room) and installed open shelves.

We still have some decorating to do in the dining room but I LOVE the natural light that pours in through the patio door. Finally, we got this farmhouse table from Target… who would have guessed?!

Now my FAVORITE detail of the kitchen!!! Remember that cabinet we took down? Well, we installed industrial pipe shelves in it’s place for a different take on open shelving! These things are SO easy to make and they seriously look amazing. Thank the lord for Pinterest projects, am I right!?

One last before & after photo from a different angle!


We still have little details to update (replacing the oven hood, finishing the trim etc.) but it’s coming together! The next room I post about will probably be my office since it’s my favorite space right now, so stay tuned for that!!! :)