Marriage | A Letter to my Husband

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Dear Ben,

It was exactly 2 years ago that we stood in front of our family, friends and God to declare our lives to one another. The day flew by but every second of it was more incredible than I could have dreamed. After only 730 glorious days of being married, it’s evident that we are both committed to making our marriage even more beautiful than our wedding. 

More than anything in this world, I want  you to know that I love you for exactly who you are. Your strengths are my weaknesses and together, we make one heck of a team. I love that you possess so many qualities that remind me of my own father – your commitment to building a strong future for our family, the way you always put my needs above your own, and your obsession with all things Apple. Although you never got to meet him, I know you are the only man in this world that he would have embraced with open arms and approved of marrying his little girl.

We’ve officially been married longer than we dated but what’s strange is that I can’t remember a life before you. You finish my sentences, complete my thoughts, and still give me butterflies with every kiss. God brought us together at the most unexpected time but His plans are perfect and I know there are even greater plans in store for our future. Together, we can weather any storm as long as we have each others hands to hold. 

I love you now, forever, and after my last breath. xxx