Personal | 5 Things I Never Photograph A Wedding Without

Wedding photographers all have a list – a list of “must have” things that keep them at their best while working on wedding days. Today I’m sharing a few of the things that you’ll never catch me at a wedding without and the significance of each item!

1. Pearl Earrings

You’re probably thinking, what?! Earrings are on your “must have” list?! You crazy girl. haha WELL, yes they are and they are honestly the #1 thing that I must have when I’m shooting a wedding but there is a crazy significant reason that most people don’t know.

Many of you may know that my Dad passed away of cancer but what I haven’t shared is the journey he walked along those dark days (maybe I’ll muster the courage to share his story one day). After he went into remission for the first time, my sweet father put a significant amount of money down on a new wedding ring for my Mom. Before he was able to retrieve the upgraded ring, the cancer came back and consumed his body with an overwhelming force. As the Lord called him home, my Mom couldn’t follow through with wearing a ring that he wasn’t able to place on her finger. She asked the jeweler to transfer the money he paid to a pair of matching pearl earring for her & I to wear — a small way that my Dad could always be with us.

These earrings come to every single wedding I’ve shot since he passed away because the second I place them on my ears, I feel his presence and am overwhelmed with a sense of calmness. Two small pearls that serve as a constant reminder of what selfless love looks like – who wouldn’t want to walk around with that reminder on a wedding day?

2. Apple Watch

If you’ve worked with me in the past, you KNOW how important timelines are to me! Talking about your wedding day timeline in advance is the biggest way to reduce stress on your wedding day because as your photographer, I promise to keep track of the schedule and consult with you as the events of the day progress. My Apple Watch keeps me on track because I can quite literally walk around with your timeline on my wrist. I also love that I receive phone/message notifications on my watch – for example, if your maid of honor texts me to say that the party bus is running late, I’ll see it on my watch immediately without having to check my phone! If you’re a wedding photographer and you don’t have the Apple watch, it’s definitely worth the investment.

3. Emergency Kit

Do you need a scissors to clip off that strand of thread from your wedding dress? Did Mom forget deodorant in the rush of the day? Did your bridesmaid’s zipper stop working and you need a safety pin to hold it up? Maybe you need a quick mint because you want your breath to smell minty fresh for the first look!!! Well as your wedding photographer, I’ve packed a small bag of emergency items for moments just like this!

4. Energy (usually in the form of Monster & Kashi bars)

A wedding photographers schedule: 8:00am – Eat Breakfast // 8:30am – Prep Gear, Pack Car, Travel // 11:00am – Coverage Begins // 9:00pm – Coverage Ends

From the moment I leave my house to photograph a wedding day, I’m usually working for 12 hours which means that the last meal I was able to energize my body with was at breakfast. If possible, I keep my car stocked with water bottles, energy drinks, and granola bars so that I can refuel my body on the drive from the ceremony to reception! As your wedding photographer, I want to be as energetic as possible so that your family + friends have a great time taking photos and can sense how excited I am to be with you the whole day!

5. Aspirin + An Extra Pair of Shoes

As you can imagine, standing + crouching + bending for 12 hours can do some wonky things to your feet, ankles, knees and back. I always bring a bottle of Bayer/Aspirin with me so I can take preventative pain medicine throughout the day AND I’ve found that changing my shoes at the reception brings new life to my feet! Next time you see that I’ve done a shoe change at your reception, just know it’s not for because I’m trying to look extra cute on the dance floor ;)