Personal | Celebrating 3 Years with #TheDogPerry

This is your official warning: if you’re not a dog person, animal person, or didn’t come here to see an obsessive #DogMom post – now is your time to navigate away from this page.

Still reading? Great!!! We should be best friend <3 Today marks 3 years since we rescued our sweet boy Perry from the shelter. On social media, I post little snippets about him and his strange antics but I thought today would be the perfect day to dedicate an entire post to how strange, wonderful, sweet, and freaking adorable this dog truly is.

For those of you who don’t know us personally, you might not know how we came to adopt #TheDogPerry. My earliest memories in life involve a golden retriever name Murphy – he was our first family dog. Shortly after, we had a Newfoundland named Grizzly Bear and then another named Moose (ie. 180lbs of hairy love) but if you’re reading between the lines, you’ll realize that  I’ve always had a dog in my life. Well, Ben & I had been married 9 months and I was seriously missing a ball of fur sitting in my lap so I would occasionally shoot him emails of dogs that were in desperate need of a loving home. Each response ended the same way: “Kal, we need a house before we can get a dog.”.

So I started doing some serious thinking… what was the way to Ben’s heart? A husky!! Ben had huskies growing up and ADORED them. In fact, he loved them so much that he would stop strangers on the street to pet their dog if that dog happened to be a husky. After a few quick searches on the internet, I found Free Spirit Siberian Rescue, a shelter devoted exclusively to huskies. Within a few minutes, I had fallen in love with a red husky mix who just arrived at the shelter from California — his name was Perry and I knew he was ours. As I pressed send on that email to Ben, sharing the picture of Perry, I was nervous that I would receive the same response I always did. Instead, I opened Ben’s note and it read: “When do we meet him?”.

The rest is history! Sure, there are tons of stories I could tell you about the first few weeks we had Perry… like how he got the zoomies, took me out at the knees and I smacked my head on the ground. Or how he destroyed our wedding album and ate a package of raw steak – plastic included – which led to an unpleasant ending for our area rug. But all joking aside, this dog has been the biggest joy in our lives and adopting him was the best decision we ever made. So enjoy these photos of the little guy and his big personality!

Hours after we we took Perry home – he wasn’t too sure yet!

As you can imagine, I’ve had quite a bit of snapchat fun with him.

We thought this pose was SO funny at first but then we realized, this is just how he sleeps.

Whenever I’m gone for a wedding, Ben will SnapChat me photos impersonating Perry haha my favorite!!!

His first birthday with us!

When car rides went from fun to terrifying…

A short series entitled “Perry Leans on Things”. Ben and I literally started an album because Perry adores leaning on strange things.

The BEST Christmas present I’ve ever received!!!

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, please consider adopting & saving an animal in need. The love that they have to give is unlike any other pet I’ve ever had and you’ll never regret saving their life <3 We love our Perry baby!