Personal | My Favorite Moment from Our Wedding

It’s been almost FIVE years since Ben & I got married — I really can’t believe how fast time goes. When Ben proposed we knew that we didn’t want a long engagement so after 6 short months of planning, our wedding day arrived in late September and we had the most PERFECT weather for an outdoor wedding!!!

When I think back to our wedding, there are SO many wonderful moments that stick out. I’ll never forget the feeling in my stomach before I walked out the door and down the aisle. I’ll never forget Ben’s face when he saw me walking towards him, how he whispered to me throughout the entire ceremony, or our first dance as husband and wife. One of the most SPECIAL memories that I’ll cherish forever came towards the end of the night and I never anticipated how much it would mean to me.

The Backstory

My family has a big German heritage and it’s something we’ve always celebrated & embraced. Years ago when my Mom was in her teens, her Dad (my Grandpa D) took her to a German festival and they polka danced the night away! It just so happened that my Mom caught the eye of the tuba played in that polka band — he asked her to dance and the rest is history!

Because my Dad couldn’t be at our wedding, we had a small memorial area set up with all of the things that were quintessentially my Dad. Among those items were his tuba & two records from his polka band (their band toured through Austria — they were a big deal!). We transferred a few of his songs from those records to an audio file and asked our DJ to play the polka songs on the dance floor.

What Happened Next

The second that our DJ played my Dad’s first polka song, the entire room left their seats and joined the dance floor for a group polka dancing party!!! It was the most joy filled moment and although my Dad couldn’t be there, I’ll never forget seeing the faces of every single person we loved dancing to his music.

The Big Surprise

When I say EVERY single person danced, I mean it. With the assistance of his cane, my Dad’s father (Grandpa K) stood up from his table and walked over to the dance floor to join the polka party. In a truly epic moment, Grandpa took his walking cane and threw it down on the dance floor and then danced like there was no tomorrow!!! It was the sweetest moment and now lives on as one of my favorite moments of the day.

To all of you brides and grooms out there, if you’re privileged enough to have your Grandparents join you on the dance floor on your wedding day… take a moment and dance your heart out with them!!!! The photos & memories are something you will cherish for a lifetime. <3