Personal | Graced Box – Summer 2017

If you haven’t been to my home yet, you should know a few things about me:

  1. I love the color white. It’s on about 50% of my wall and 100% of my decorations.
  2. Shiplap is the – this one isn’t up for debate.
  3. I adore personal touches – whether they are inspired by the simple things in life, farmhouse living, or local businesses. Our home is filled with small business items that are personal to our story.

I also LOVE getting packages in the mail. Honestly, anything other than a bill makes my heart soar and when I’m expecting a package to arrive, you can find me by the window with a cup of coffee in hand, waiting for the the delivery man to walk up our drive.

This brings me to my latest obsession!!! The Graced Box – a quarterly subscription box brought to you from the ladies at Graced. Each box contains hand-curated items from the Graced exclusive line as well as items sourced from their favorite small (LOCAL) businesses. If you’re a fan of subscription boxes – like StitchFix, FabFitFun, BarkBox etc. – and are also a huge fan of personalized home decor, then you simply HAVE to check out the Graced Box. I’m going to give you a quick run down on the summer box that I just received and how perfect it is for the season of life we’re in:

Vanilla Mallows – Photo from Mallow, Mallow

Bringing the campfire to you. I just have to say that as I was writing this post, I thought “I have to try one quick, ya know, before we actually make s’more’s for the holiday”. Unfortunately, it didn’t end with just one. These marshmallows are more addictive than crack (…. or so I’ve heard! haha). I’m just hoping this package lasts until the 4th….

PT Pure Organics Candle & Sunscreen

With organic essential oil ingredients like lemongrass, rosemary, and eucalyptus, this particular candle is designed to repel mosquitos. It’s no secret that I’m opposed to citronella candles – I’m not a huge fan of the smell, they’re really not that effective with repelling bugs, and they do funky things to my skin. I am SO excited to keep this all natural item on our patio table and see how it works with keeping the mosquitos away!

Related to that, the older I get (despite acting like a grandma already), the more health conscious I become. With our skin being the largest organ of the body, I NEED to be aware of the “health” products I’m applying to my body every day! After lifeguarding for 5 years, I’ve noticed that my nose is now the first thing to get burned. I’m so excited to have this natural sunscreen stick in my purse for unexpected moments out in the sun!

Paper Amelia Print “Summer is a State of Mind”

One of my favorite authors, Shauna Niequist, recently wrote an article for The Magnolia Journal that resonated with me — it was all about how summer pushes her to get outside, be active, free, joyful, spontaneous, playful, brave and happy. “I can’t wear my flip-flops in February, and there’s no sand on my feet in March, but there still is within me a buoyancy, a warmth, a wild and whimsical summer heart that beats within my ribs all year long”, said Niequist. And isn’t that true?! Summer is a state of mind, a place mindset that we should all strive to be in all year long. This print is the PERFECT reminder of my longing to be in a “summer” state of mind, every single day.

Decorative Metal Basket

Galvanized metal, rustic tin, silver baskets – you name it, I’ve got it. I absolutely adore this cute little basket to decorate our home throughout the seasons… I’m picturing pumpkins & leaves this fall, pinecones and ornaments this winter, and fresh eggs on white linens during the spring! Tiny pieces like this are what make a house a home and it’s the perfect addition to our kitchen space!

If you’re local to the area, you HAVE to check out the Graced brick & mortar store in Manitowoc, WI.  I’m not kidding to you – it’s the Magnolia Market of Wisconsin. The best news is that if you’re not near Manitowoc, you can have pieces of this store shipped directly to your home with the Graced Box! Shopping local has never been easier and I’m so thankful for these #BossLadies and the big things they’re doing!