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Today I’m sharing a little bit about the journey towards using non-toxic products that we’ve been on the past few months! It’s a sad fact that it’s taken 27 years for me to start examining the things that I’m putting into my body. Honestly, every time I heard about the chemicals being used to manufacture the daily products we use, I thought about looking for other options but would become overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of products we would need to replace (seriously, the amount of chemicals in everything produced is staggering). Having my Dad pass away from cancer (which we’re convinced was linked to aspartame but that’s a story for another day), I decided it was time to make a change & eliminate some of the harmful products that we use daily.

So what’s the best way to eliminate these products without getting overwhelmed? One by one. I decided to start with the basics — the things we use every day, which means the products with the most exposure. Today I’m sharing the 5 products we replaced and what we replaced them with along with a tiny explanation without getting too scientific. Hopefully this will help you on your journey if you’re trying to clean up your health!

Tried & True Tip:

Use your phone to scan your products to see how toxic they are!!! There are two apps that are LIFESAVING — ThinkDirty and EWG Healthy Living are both available for free download from the app store. I love that ThinkDirty rates your products on a scale of 1-10 for toxicity! Keep in mind they’re not compressive quite yet but most mainstream products are in their catalog. My favorite part is that the apps tell you which chemicals are dangerous & why!

1. Body Lotion

Our skin is our biggest organ, which is why I started here! We lotion our entire bodies daily & never pay close attention to the ingredients inside those bottles — almost ALL of the popular brands (Dove, Lubriderm, Jergens, Nivea, Olay) contain parabens, which are chemicals used as a preservative. Chemicals that have been linked to cancer & reproductive issues! Big labels claim there are only “trace” amounts but honestly? I’d prefer no amount of a cancer causing chemicals in my products.

We swapped out our bottle for a plant-based product – Bāsd. With ingredients like Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe, Green Tea, and Coffee Beans, I KNOW what’s going onto every inch of my skin!

Tried & True Tip: You will NOT regret buying the crème brûlée scent. I almost drank the bottle, it’s that good.

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2. Body Wash

I’ve always used Dove body wash because I believed them to be the best for my skin – clean, moisturizing, and good for my skin. WRONG. The body wash I’ve been using for years is rated 9/10 for toxicity because of artificial fragrances & sulfates that they put in their products! Most sulfates are foaming agents but have been linked to cancer because of their estrogen disruptive qualities. Yeah…. I think I can do without the foam.

Once again, we opted to use Bāsd since they list all of their ingredients and frankly — who wouldn’t choose coconut oil & shea butter all over their skin instead of sodium laureth sulfate (because whaattttttt even is that)? Added bonus: their crème brûlée scent is everything. They also offer a coffee body scrub that leaves you skin feeling oh so smooth!

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3. Toothpaste

Crest or Colgate. Take your pick because they’re equally as toxic. These toothpastes (along with other big names) contain sulfates and other synthetic ingredients. These chemicals are known carcinogens and especially dangerous for kiddos, who might be swallowing the toothpastes.

We opted to switch to Tom’s of Maine, which was rated a 1/10 on ThinkDirty for toxicity. Tom’s toothpaste is free of artificial flavors, fragrances, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives. Another big toothpaste debate is the use of Fluoride — eventually I’d like to get a toothpaste that eliminates fluoride (Tom’s does carry one) but baby steps for now. There are probably better/healthier toothpaste options out there but Tom’s is a step in the right direction!

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4. Deodorant

This one was hard. I hope this is a judgment free zone because we’re about to have a real moment here: I sweat like a dude. Honestly though! I sweat more than I’d like to admit and giving up my deodorant for a healthy brand is not something I’ve been excited about BUT the toxic affect of aluminum to the body cannot be ignored. Breast cancer, you guys… I’d really like to avoid it.

I’m officially on my 4th brand of aluminum free deodorant (I’ve tried Toms, Schmidts, and Kiss my Face — none of them worked great for me) but finally landed on LAVANILA. The jury is still out on this one because I want to give it a few weeks but so far I’m loving the scent protection and the fact that there is no aluminum, no parabens, and no harsh chemicals.

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5. Tampons

You guys, I know this isn’t a glamorous topic but I HAVE to talk about it and if you’re a woman, please keep reading!

As women, our skin “down there” is extremely absorbent & permeable (we’re talking 10-80x more absorbent than items taken orally). Did you know that tampons are manufactured by being soaked in chlorine to bleach the cotton? Did you know that the cotton being used to create these tampons is farmed with the use of pesticides??  Did you also know that the FDA does not regulate the ingredients used to create tampons OR require that the manufacturer ever list the ingredients??? The list goes on and on…. Frankly, I don’t want anything staying inside of my body for 24/hours a day, 5+ days a month, that contains chlorine, pesticides, or worse.

There are TONS of options out there for organic 100% cotton tampons but I’m a woman about convenience so I wanted to be able to buy my products in a store I frequent (aka Target). Seventh Generation or This Is L. are both great options and they work just as effectively as big names like Playtex or Tampax.

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There you have it! By no means am I claiming to be an expert on the non-toxic world and I can’t guarantee that these products don’t have their own faults BUT I definitely feel like we’re on the right path for reducing our exposure to harmful chemicals.

Up next on my list?! Replacing our household cleaners and laundry detergent. If you have suggestions or comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts below!