Personal | How I Met My Husband

It’s the off-season for photography so that means I’ve had time to share more personal posts on the blog! Being a wedding photographer, I’m in the business of telling love stories so today I thought it might be fun to share a little of OUR love story with you all (Cliff notes version: we met at a bar). The story really isn’t glamorous at all but hey, aren’t all love stories special in their own way? ; )

I actually hate telling people where I met Ben because this particular bar was the type of place where you walked in & your shoes stuck to the floor (I wish this was a joke). It was, however, super budget friendly for the college crowd who could get $2 “Strong”-Islands all night long (ie. read “classy”). Anyways, there happened to be a theme party happening on campus that night — the theme was Stoplight Party: wear green if you’re single, yellow if it’s complicated, and red if you’re taken. Basically, wear your relationship status so others know if they’re in the clear to flirt with you ; ) Once again super classy but this is a judgment free zone, right?!

Real documentation from the night we met… note the red shirt.

Speaking of the judgement free zone, you’ll notice that I’m wearing a red shirt. In my defense, the appropriate color to wear might have been yellow but I really didn’t want any men talking to me that night… almost 5 years later, I’m married to the one daring soul who made conversation.

Sure enough, a man approached me wearing his finest green apparel (a graphic t-shirt) and within a few seconds, one of my friends said “Dude, stop talking to her – she’s in red.”. At this point, Ben claimed he was colorblind but we all know those were the Strong-Islands talking. The rest of the night, Ben & I sat at a table talking about everything from our mutual love of water-skiing to our family backgrounds. I later found out that Ben actually hates water-skiing but hey, A+ for effort I suppose ; ) By the end of the night, my number ended up in his phone — the one and only time I ever gave my number out to a stranger.

The next morning, Ben did what any person would do to learn more about someone they just met… he hopped on Facebook to check out my photos. Within seconds of finding my profile, Ben immediately questioned his judgement in talking to me. Was it too many strong islands? Perhaps. OR was it that the girl he had been talking to all night resembled Big-Foot in a one-piece swimsuit? Probably the latter.

Feel free to leave the judgment-free-zone, I’m aware this photo is just plain weird.

Maybe I should have questioned MY judgement when Ben decided he wanted to meet for coffee after seeing that photo. Either way, we decided to meet at Starbucks and this time, I would be wearing green (see what I did there?). I sat down by the fireplace and waited for Ben to arrive when my phone rang:

Ben: I’m here, where are you?

Kalli: I’m by the fireplace.

Ben: Umm… **How many strong-islands did I have that night… because that’s definitely not a female by the fireplace…** … are you sure?

Kalli: Which Starbucks are you at?

Sure enough, Ben & I were sitting on opposite sides of the city, drinking our coffee in entirely separate locations. When we finally ended up in the same store, hours went by and the conversation was so easy. To this day we both say “YOU went to the wrong Starbucks!” but it turns out, it makes a pretty good conversation piece on your first date.

Baby-faced and starry-eyed in 2011.

It would be 4 months before we made things official and started dating, which immediately changed to a 2 year long-distance relationship but I’ll save that story for another day! While I never anticipated meeting Ben on that night out in college, it remains true that God’s path for our lives was far greater than anything we could have planned ourselves.

More personal posts to come in the next few months but hopefully you enjoyed reading a slice of our love story! xo