Personal | Our 2 Week Adventure In Croatia

Croatia has been on the top of my travel list for the last few years! Ever since I saw photos of the gorgeous waterfalls and serene coastline, I knew I had to get there. Well back in January, my sweet husband mentioned that I could buy a roundtrip ticket to Europe with our credit card points so he suggested I go with my Mom this spring — my Mama & I love to travel together so it was the perfect opportunity to do a big trip before wedding season started!

We decided to spend 2 weeks on the Dalmatian Coast and really take our time exploring the cities we stayed in. You guys — Croatia did NOT disappoint!!! Travel has always been important to me (aka budget tickets, staying in hostels & eating food from the dollar store just so that I can see the world) and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel through a significant part of Europe. Without a doubt, Croatia has been my favorite so far!

So enjoy the photos below — there are a ton of cell-phone pictures mixed in because I didn’t carry my camera at all times but I’m so glad to have these memories preserved with my phone!


We spent the majority of our time exploring Diocletian’s Palace in Split — this palace was built in 305 AD for the emperor as his retirement home. Diocletian was one of the biggest persecutors of Christians so it was a surreal experience to think about how many people had lost their lives under his rule.

Inside the palace walls, the streets are lined with cute little boutiques and restaurants. We ate every meal outside!

Any Game of Thrones fans out there?! This is the basement of Diocletian’s Palace and it’s where HBO filmed scenes of the dragons being kept here!

On the left is the bell tower we climbed — I had a minor panic attack because the “stairs” didn’t seem structurally safe (can you tell I’m married to an engineer?) but after a bit of coaxing, I made my way to the top. ; ) Pictured on the right is a temple that was constructed to amplify sound — Diocletian would make announcements in this temple and his voice would carry throughout the city.

View from the top of the bell tower! Worth the hike!!!

We traveled by bus to Krka National Park to see the waterfalls (which was the whole reason Croatia spurred my interest a few years ago)! Once we arrived, we were told the waterfalls were closed for swimmers because the water was too cold — we both looked at each other and said “We came halfway across the world to swim here… we’re doing it!!”. There were signs everywhere saying No Swimming but we found a small private corner and soon enough, more people joined us! The water was absolutely frigid but hey, Wisconsinites are tough.

Had to celebrate with a beer afterwards to warm up ; )

That night after the waterfalls, we had the BEST dinner (hello pasta, wine, and chocolate) and then headed back to Diocletian’s Palace to see how it looked at night. We stumbled upon live music in the main square and danced the night away on the palace floors!!!

After a week in Split, we said goodbye and headed by train to Dubrovnik! The train ride was GORGEOUS and a great way to see more of the country.


The photos above & below were right outside our Air B&B! It was an incredible location, right inside of the palace and directly next to an active archeological site.

Dubrovnik is the city of stairs! There are 1000+ stairs just on the walls of the city (which we walked twice!) and thousands more inside… we felt the burn by the end of the week.

This photo on the city walls totally reminds me of Greece!

We were lucky enough to take the cable car to dinner at the Panorama Restaurant — situated on top of the hill, it was the perfect view of the city!

The infamous “Walk of Shame” scene from GOT was filmed here… which was hilarious when these guys came by and wanted to photo-bomb my Mama!

Kings Landing from GOT pictured below!

Our GOT tour guide told us SO many amazing stories about the cast, filming, and other behind the scenes details… I enjoyed it so much!

We had drinks at Buza Bar, which is a tiny little bar built into the cliffs. We had heard rumors that the locals will sometimes come here to cliff jump… and once we saw people actually jumping, I knew I had to do it too. Hey, you’re only in Croatia once right?!

OH, we also stumbled on a bridal show one night — there were runways lining the streets and models everywhere. The wedding photographer in me came out ; )


We only had 1 day/night in Trogir because it was so close to the airport but I’m SO happy this was our final stop! This little town was super quaint & charming!

And there you have it, all of my highlights!! It was truly the trip of a lifetime & something I’ll never forget <3