Personal | Why You Should Invest in Anniversary Sessions

It’s no secret at all –   I LOVE marriage. When Ben & I were planning for our wedding, I remember feeling excited for the big day but even more excited to begin every day life together. You know what I’m talking about –   waking up & falling asleep to each other, cooking dinner in the kitchen, snuggling on the couch to a good movie, and wrapping ourselves up in a big glass of wine. There is nothing as cozy as being married to your best friend!

Our Wedding Day, 2013

Since the day we wed (almost 4 years ago!), a lot has changed in our lives. We moved three times, adopted a dog, bought a home, changed jobs and so many other things! Through it all, our marriage has grown and changed in ways that we could never expect. We’ve belly laughed until our stomaches hurt, argued & said things we didn’t mean, attacked each other with kisses, sat in stiff silence, talked about our dreams, sacrificed our desires, put aside our pride, and prayed that our relationship would never stop growing. Marriage isn’t always easy but it is always worth it.

Madison & Milwaukee Wedding Photographer | Kallidoscope Photography

First Anniversary, 2014

For that very reason, Ben & I believe the marriage should be celebrated. We believe that every year of marriage is a chance to document the milestones in your lives.

Madison & Milwaukee Wedding Photographer | Kallidoscope Photography

Second Anniversary, 2015

Once a year, I swap my sweatpants and messy bun for a romantic dress and makeup,  Ben puts on his freshly shined shoes, and we step in front of the camera to celebrate.

These anniversary session are about SO much more than pretty photos to put in frames. This yearly tradition is about spending intentional time loving on each other, celebrating our milestones, and dreaming about what our anniversary will look like 10 years from now.

Third Anniversary, 2016

This tradition has quickly become one of our favorite days of the year, something we truly look forward to. One day, I hope that our children page through these anniversary albums and can see that as our family grew, our relationship changed, but our marriage grew deeper in love with every passing day. Marriage is a gift and it deserves to be celebrated.

Because I believe SO deeply in the meaning of marriage and the love behind it, I offer special discounts on all anniversary sessions! There is no better reason to document the milestones in your marriage so shoot me a note and lets make some memories <3