Ryan & Britta | Hartford Schauer Center Wedding

They say that you should always marry someone who can make you laugh because life isn’t always peaches and cream (okay, I added that last part). Life can throw curveballs and it may be hard to find the silver lining but if you have a hand to hold and a partner to laugh along with, that’s all you’ll need.

Ryan & Britta were married last Saturday at the Schauer Center in Hartford and their wedding day was filled with more laughter I’ve ever experienced (which you’ll see in the photos below!). Not only is their life filled with the gift of constant laughter, but their lives are also blessed with amazing friends and family who brought tears to my eyes time and time again throughout the day.

I’ll be honest – Britta & Ryan’s wedding was a HOT Saturday in June with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees. If you’ve ever been in a suit when it’s 90 degrees, I think you’ll agree that it’s hard to function but I didn’t hear one peep from Ryan about how hot it was… he only had eyes for his bride and it was so sweet!

Britta & Ryan, thank you for asking me to be part of your wedding day! I’m so excited for this journey – marriage looks so good on you! Enjoy your photos!!!! xo


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