Scott & Ann | A 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal

Scott & Ann have been married for exactly 25 years. On their anniversary, Scott came home from work to find his suit laid out on the bed and his wife standing by in a beautifully beaded gown. Ann told him to change because in moments, they were headed to church and would be renewing their wedding vows together.

As they walked hand in hand down the church aisle, Canon in D played over the speakers and I watched the emotion come over their faces. Ann had beautifully written vows that she recited to Scott and when it was his turn to make new promises, Scott turned to his wife and said words I will never forget: “Ann, you are the reason God placed me on this earth.”

They danced in the rain (and boy oh boy, did it rain), laughed without reservation, and kissed with more passion than I’ve witnessed in freshly budding relationships. Marriage isn’t always easy but marriage DESERVES to be celebrated. It’s moments like these — this incredible vow renewal — that make me weak in the knees and so thankful that I get to document it, all while calling it my “job”.

Read a little bit more directly from Scott & Ann and their advice for newly married couples:

Q. How long have you guys been married? What’s been your one of your favorite memories together in that time? 
We have been for married 25 years. Our best memories are spending time together – vacations, dancing, bike riding, golfing and laughing!
Q. What qualities do you admire about each other?
Ann: The qualities I admire about Scott are his inner strength, his faith in God, his unconditional love for me, his kindness toward others and animals.
Scott: I admire Ann for her compassion, her love for animals (especially cats), her sense of adventure, her faith in God, and how much she loves me.
Q. For someone planning a wedding, what’s one thing would you tell them? What is the number one thing you remember about the day you got married? 
My advice is keep it fun, stick to a budget, and have both groom and bride-to-be involved in the planning. And always remember, it’s not about the wedding day but about the marriage.  One of the most memorable events that happened on our wedding day was that is snowed on that day – in May! It was really cold for our pictures. Scott also sang “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places” with the band!
Q. What was the best piece of marriage advice you ever received?
We have learned a lot on what it takes to make a strong, happy successful marriage.  Communication is so important to the marriage.  Compromising and putting your spouse’s needs ahead of your own.  Oh, we also have a vague memory of Scott’s mom saying “keep it in your pants” at the engagement party. LOL

Q. Finally, what are some things you’re looking forward to during the next chapters of your marriage?
We are looking forward to doing more activities together during the next 25+ years — new food experiences, new places to have an adventure, spending more time with family and friends and continued good health (God willing!)

The thing I LOVE about this photo is that I asked them to hug like they normally would — THIS is how they hug, every time! Marriage goals.
LOVE love love the joy on Scott’s face here! <3
This photo of you two is SO timeless & romantic!!!!