Tommy & Brooke – Lake Mills Engagement

High school sweethearts always melt my heart. There is something so incredibly sweet about a couple that meets at such a young, defining age in their lives and grow together as a couple. Tommy & Brooke met each other when they were still in high school and that very night Tommy went home and told his mother that he met the woman he was going to marry (are you dying yet?! I sure was when I heard this story). As Tommy went off to college in Texas, Brooke stayed in Wisconsin for school and they both worked at their long distance relationship. After an entire year of late night phone calls and sweet love letters, Brooke felt God had a bigger plan for her in Texas where Tommy was studying. Their commitment to each other & God’s plan couldn’t have been more worth the wait!!! Brooke recently graduated with her Master’s degree and had job offers waiting for her while Tommy is a high school teacher and coach. The love that these two have for each other, their family, and God is OUT OF THIS WORLD. I’m blessed to have met you both & your relationship is a testament to true love <3 xo

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