Travis & Carolyn | Madison Anniversary Session

Meet Travis & Carolyn and be prepared to fall in love. When Carolyn emailed me about surprising her husband Travis with a one-year anniversary photo session, I knew I loved this girl. I’ve said it so many times before (and I know I’ll say it again!) but I believe that marriage deserves to be celebrated – every day, every month, every year. That is exactly what Carolyn & Travis did! They packed their bags, explored Madison for the weekend, and celebrated the life that they are building together!

Travis is honestly one of the most thoughtful & kind guys I’ve ever met – this man is they type of person that girls DREAM about marrying. During our short time together, I heard so many stories of how he dotes on Carolyn… like how he surprised her with a replica bouquet from their wedding because she wasn’t able to enjoy the flowers while they were away on their honeymoon. Or how he took her shopping for a purse because he “loves seeing her happy”. Or maybe how he surprised her with the Tiffany necklace she’d been dreaming about for years. But really, the thing that stood out to me wasn’t any of the gifts Travis has bought for Carolyn or the thoughtful gestures he makes — it’s the way he looks at her. I promise, you’ll see it in these photos!! It took me all of 5 seconds to SEE that Carolyn is the center of his world and he would quite literally do anything to see her smile.

I wish Carolyn lived a little closer (road trip?!) because I’ve secretly painted a picture in my head where I’m best friends with this girl! Carolyn’s heart overflows with kindness, love, creativity, and passion. Her excitement and enthusiasm for the little joys in life is contagious and honestly, so inspiring. Whenever Travis would wrap his arms around Carolyn, her eyes would light up in a way that made my heart soar — it’s truly the type of love story that movies are made from.

I could go on and on (& on) about how much I adore this couple but instead, I’ll let Travis & Carolyn do the talking and tell you a little bit more about their first year of marriage:

Q. How long have you guys been married? What’s been your one of your favorite memories together in that time?
One wonderful year. One of our favorite memories since we have been married is a bit strange, but we had so much fun picking out a new bed for our home. We spent an entire night trying to find the perfect frame for our room and went to about ten stores (kind of ridiculous, but I wanted to be sure) until we were sure. We had coffee, fast food, and so many laughs that night. Our simple nights spent together are the absolute best.

Q. What are some qualities you admire about Travis? What are some qualities you admire about Carolyn?
I admire how hard working and dedicated travis is. I also admire his eternal optimism (he is a literal ray of sunshine, I swear) and light-hearted nature, his happiness is just contagious. Travis admires that I am consistently genuine, brave, and tough. He also thinks I am creative!

Q. For someone planning a wedding, what’s one thing would you tell them? What is the number one thing you remember about the day you got married?
Take your time! We had a long engagement and enjoyed every second of the planning process. Also learn from your spouses decisions during the planning process, we learned a ton about each other based on what we chose to put importance on for our wedding day. My number one memory is being able to have dinner with just travis and get to talk about how excited we were (we had a sweetheart table!) and his is how much he loved having time to laugh and look at each other during our photo session between the ceremony and reception.

Q.  What was the best piece of marriage advice you ever received?
My mom told us both to think less and really, it’s been a huge thing. We both used to spend so much time in our heads and analyzing things, but we find ourselves enjoying every single day much more when we remind each other to stop thinking!

Q. Finally, what are some things you’re looking forward to during your next 10 years of marriage?
In ten years we look forward to starting a family, traveling to new places together, and learning to cook new things (which is weird, but also a huge thing for us. Always eating, I tell ya hahaha). It’s a bright, beautiful future!

Enjoy these sweet photos from their coffee shop & State Capitol session!


We started at Stone Creek Coffee because Travis fell in love with this shop while he was living in Milwaukee!


Okay you guys, I’m obsessed.


A favorite set! You guys radiate so much love for each other!!!


Carolyn had their vows written in calligraphy for their first anniversary gift! So thoughtful!!!