Trevor & Shannon | A Sun Prairie Winter Engagement Session

Oh happy day!!! It’s my first engagement session of 2018 and I couldn’t think of a better couple to start the year off than with Trevor & Shannon! Seriously, I’m in love with these two.

Trevor & Shannon met five years ago while attending school at the University of Wisconsin here in Madison (Go Badgers!!). Their paths happened to cross while working at a student job on campus and the connection was undeniable. For about two years after college, Shannon & Trevor dated long-distance and during that time, they grew even closer — I’m a strong believer that long-distance relationships force you to connect on a deeper level and it’s that deeply rooted connection that grows a love which lasts a lifetime.

My favorite part about an engagement session is getting to see how my couples interact with each other. What I really adore about Trevor & Shannon as a couple is that you can immediately tell how genuine their love is. This couple supports each other, respects each other, and cheers their partner on 100% of the way. Towards the end of their session, I told Trevor & Shannon they could bundle up and get warm again… what I EXPECTED to see was them running to get their jackets, pulling on their mittens, and putting on their hats (it was about 20 degrees, that’s what I would have done!). Instead, when I looked up from my camera I saw that Trevor & Shannon had wrapped each other up in a hug and settled into each others arms. It was the sweetest & most natural moment!!!

Trevor & Shannon, I am ridiculously excited for your wedding day this fall! Thank you so much choosing me to stand by your side and document the best day in your lives! Xo


I LOVE this set!!!!!! <3


You guys!!!!! Love!!!


SHANNON. You are just glowing!!!


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